Our Wholesome Banana Pancakes are crafted using organic 100% Australian oat flour. We fold in homemade banana puree, cinnamon, free range eggs, creamy whole milk and vanilla to create delectable finger-friendly pancakes that the while family can enjoy.

Wholesome Banana Pancakes

  • This meal is delivered frozen.


    Delicious warm or cold. To serve, top with your little ones’ favourite yogurt, or some fresh berries.


    To eat cold, thaw in fridge overnight.


    To heat, microwave for 1-2 minutes once thawed overnight in fridge or for 2-3 minutes from frozen, turning occasionally, until heated through. Allow to cool slightly to the desired temperature. AN ADULT SHOULD ALWAYS CHECK THE TEMPERATURE BEFORE SERVING.


    Once opened, store any excess portion in an airtight container, place in fridge and enjoy within 48 hours.