Our frittatas are the perfect size for little ones and are so versatile, you can serve them as a quick and hearty snack for little grazers without the long preparation and cook time.  


These vibrant mouthfuls combine crispy diced bacon, spring onions, sweet corn, free range eggs, zucchinis and a dash of tasty cheese. Snacks this good are sure to cause food envy at the playground.

Bacon Frittatas

  • This meal is delivered frozen.


    Delicious warm or cold. Serve with a side of crisp spinach leaves.


    To eat cold, thaw in fridge overnight.


    To heat, microwave for 1-2 minutes once thawed overnight in fridge or for 2-3 minutes from frozen, turning occasionally, until heated through. Allow to cool slightly to the desired temperature. AN ADULT SHOULD ALWAYS CHECK THE TEMPERATURE BEFORE SERVING.


    Once opened, store any excess portion in an airtight container, place in fridge and enjoy within 48 hours.