At Spoon & Sprout we want to make parents' lives easier and mealtime with little ones more enjoyable. Through our own experiences as parents, we have yearned for an opportunity to simplify meal time.

Spoon & Sprout deliver delicious, natural, nutritious, and wholesome meals straight to your door. Our meals have been assessed by an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Paediatric Specialist and we use environmentally conscious packaging. Our high-quality meals will give your little ones the right fuel they need, whilst putting more time back in your day.

We strive to be the creative minds that simplify meal time by offering Canberra and its surrounds a seasonal menu of Breakfast & Brunch options, Grazing & Snack options and Mini Meals that are also suitable for the whole family. Our meals are made from fresh produce, prepared in an accredited commercial kitchen by experienced chefs, reviewed and analysed by dieticians, packaged in BPA free and environmentally friendly cartons, and delivered directly to your door. 

To learn more about us, read our story, our approach, and our pledge to you.

Thank you for your support,

The Spoon & Sprout Family.



We want to make your lives easier and meal time more enjoyable so we’ve taken the guesswork out of feeding your little ones. We’ve taken the following approach with our meals:

  • We’ve determined appropriate serving sizes so you don’t have to.  Our menus have been developed alongside Accredited Practising Dietitian and Paediatric Specialist Michelle Bulman from the Healthy Eating Clinic. Michelle has thoroughly analysed and reviewed each of our recipes; offered serving size recommendations and provided nutritional claims in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Nutrient Reference values for adults and one to three year olds. Through teaming with the Healthy Eating Clinic, you can be sure your little ones are getting nutritious meals as part of a well-balanced diet. ​

  • We’ve done the cooking so you don’t have to.  In order to provide you with meals we are proud of, we work closely with experienced cooks, chefs and students in their final years' of study who have a wealth of experience in hospitality and commercial cookery. All of our meals are prepared using the freshest ingredients, onsite in our accredited commercial kitchen. We’ve also done the dishes so you don’t have to.


  • We offer family size meal options so everyone at the table can enjoy our meals.  It has been suggested that children learn mealtime behaviours through parental modelling. Having family meals where everyone at the table is enjoying the same food allows for this parental modelling and can lead to an acceptance of a wider variety of foods in a child’s diet. Take the night off, we’ve got this.

  • We’ve teamed up with the best taste testers - toddlers.  Our harshest critics have been employed for taste testing, that’s how we know we’ve developed delicious toddler friendly meals that your little ones can enjoy.

  • We use environmentally friendly packaging which means you’re doing something good.  We’ve sourced food grade environmentally sustainable packaging down to the labels, tape and ink used to deliver our meals to your door. Our meals can reduce your waste contribution, here’s how:

    - We use sugarcane food containers which are tree-free, made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp. They are certified home compostable to Australian standards. The bioplastic lids are made from a plant-based bioplastic, which are also certified industrially compostable.

    - The gel ice packs that we use are non-toxic, recyclable (the LDPE plastic outer bag) and biodegradable (the inner gel). You can re-use them in your freezer or refrigerator or in your garden as a soil water retention agent. 

    - We use 100% recycled cardboard boxes that you can recycle again. We use FSC certified packaging tape that is made from 100% recycled content and is water-activated.

    - We use soy based inks on all of our package labelling which is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based inks. 

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It all started with a Google search . . .

​So there I was again, it’s 5pm and I’m standing in the kitchen with my little one mid-tantrum as a result of our play time being cut short. You know it well, "the witching hour", which never lasts for just one hour… I'm trying to come up with an easy, nutritious, tasty and satisfying meal everyone in the house can sit down to and enjoy. At the same time. At the one table. Together.


I was feeling a little bit (or a lot) defeated, stressed, and frustrated and wanted a night off. We had solved the dinner problem for that night but in a world where you can order everything online, was there anywhere parents could go for easy, delicious, nutritious AND toddler friendly meals that would put more time back in our days? So I turned to trusty Google and typed "Toddler/baby/children meal delivery Canberra" which returned only disappointment. I couldn’t simply order my toddler’s favourite meal.

Parents deserve simpler meal times. Sometimes I just want a meal delivery service that can deliver me delicious, lovingly handmade meals that are nutritious,  great for little ones and that might also be suitable for the rest of the family.  Sometimes I don't want to scour the Internet to find recipes, shop for ingredients, prepare, cook and then clean.  Sometimes there are better things to do like entertaining, exploring, reading books and play dates.  Sometimes there is too much mess to clean, there are too many nappies to change, too many bills to remember to pay (don’t forget to pay your car registration, NSW police don’t side with mothers who simply forget to do it in amongst all the other things), too much washing and folding, and too much ironing to neglect.


A long time has been spent working with some very smart parents to develop something that solves the meal time problem for us. It feels rewarding to see all the little ones enjoying Spoon & Sprout meals, hearing your tales of enjoyable mealtimes and of how we’ve helped to put more time back in your day.

Welcome to the Spoon & Sprout family, I'm glad you're here with us,

Claire xo

Illustrated Plant


We are committed to putting nothing but the highest quality meals on your table. To ensure we do this in ways we are all proud of, we pinky promise to:

  • Only use natural ingredients;

  • Avoid adding preservatives, sugars, artificial sweeteners, salt, MSG or bulking additives to our meals;

  • Use biodegradable and environmentally friendly food service packaging, that is compostable and/or recyclable;

  • Offer fast and reliable delivery; and

  • Engage with the community to provide the best possible service.


This is our pledge to you.

Mom and Baby making a pinkie promise, Ne